Chapter 9: Administering Users and Groups Securely


One of the key tasks for a Linux administrator is to maintain users and groups. Even if the computer is a workstation with one dedicated user , chances are that you ll want to maintain at least a root and a regular account on that computer.

You configure users and groups in several basic files in the /etc directory. Red Hat Linux allows you to create users by editing these files directly, or you can use some basic commands. In either case, there are other commands and configuration files that you can use to manage the life of a user account and the associated password.

The Shadow Password Suite allows Linux to provide an additional layer of protection, by user and by group . Quotas can help you regulate the amount of space and/or the number of files that users are allowed on your system.

Red Hat Linux includes a different way of organizing groups, known as the User Private Group scheme. It enhances user security, because users get their own exclusive group. If needed, it still allows you to set up individual groups with a shared directory. This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Basic user and group management

  • Creating users

  • Using the Shadow Password Suite

  • Setting quotas

  • Creating user private groups


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