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YaST (Yet another Setup Tool) 2nd
     changing source of installation
     dependency trouble
     Install and Remove Software option
     installatioin into directories
     local YaST online update
         sharing the update directory
         updating local servers
         updating neighboring servers
     package manager
     patch CD updates
     System Update
         Update Options
     UML installation
YaST Online Update [See YOU]
YaST Online Update Server
     creating local mirrors
     selecting mirrors
YaST patch management, configuring for LANs
     creating local mirrors with rsync
     creating local mirrors with YaST Online Update Server
Yellowdog Linux
Yellowdog Updater (yup)
Yellowdog Updater, Modified [See yum]
Yet another Setup Tool [See YaST]
YOU (YaST Online Update) 2nd 3rd
     and yup
    commands [See commands, yum]
     configuring automatic updates 2nd
         automating the process
         finding the right update command
     cron jobs
     directory trees, creating
     Fedora Linux
         Red Hat Update Agent
     ftp yum servers, configuring
    GUI tools [See Yum Extender]
     local yum servers, configuring
     NFS yum clients, configuring
     NFS yum servers, configuring
     required packages
     RHEL rebuilds
     RHEL update repositories
     synchronizing updates
yum check-update
yum clean all
yum clean cache
yum clean headers
yum clean metadata
yum clean packages
yum clients for FTP-based yum repositories
     Yum Extender
    yum repositories [See yum repositories]
yum clients, configuring for FTP-based yum repositories
Yum Command text box
yum cron job
Yum Extender
     adding repositories
     installing packages
     removing packages
     updating packages
     using own commands
yum install firefox
yum list
yum list available
yum list extras
yum list installed
yum list obsoletes
yum list updates 2nd
yum list yum
yum makecache
yum remove
yum repositories
     adding headers
         with createrepo
         with yum-arch
         yum clients for FTP-based yum repositories
     distributions, starting with
     strategy for setting up
yum search atheros
yum update 2nd
yum update firefox
yum update yum
     adding headers
yup (Yellowdog Updater)

Linux(r) Patch Management(c) Keeping Linux(r) Systems Up To Date
Linux Patch Management: Keeping Linux Systems Up To Date
ISBN: 0132366754
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 80
Authors: Michael Jang

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