Section 2.4. Summary

2.4. Summary

Patch management is an important tool for keeping Red Hat and related clients up to date. There are a variety of related tools associated with Red Hat patch management updates.

In this chapter, you learned basic patch management techniques on clients that are running Red Hat and related distributions. You can create your own Fedora repositories; however, their frequent updates and new releases make patch management of Fedora clients more problematic. RHEL client subscriptions support patch management through a Red Hat Network account. You can even create your own local Proxy Server repository of patches, which minimizes the load on your network's Internet connection and speeds updates to most RHEL clients on your LAN. Finally, you learned a bit about how patch management varies on rebuild distributions that use RHEL source code.

In the next chapter, you'll learn about SUSE's patch management systems and how they can be adapted for SUSE and RHEL clients.

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