Chapter 2: Installation

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Installation is one of the two parts of both the RHCE and the RHCT exams. To pass this part of each exam, you'll need to know a lot more than just the basic GUI installation process for a single computer! Once you've studied the installation chapters (Chapters 2 and 3), you'll be able to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) in a number of ways: over a network, directly from the CD, using boot disks, and with automated Kickstart-based tools.

While this chapter covers the 'basics,' they are important. You'll learn the nuances of disk partitions. You'll learn to select between available installation classes. Both fdisk and Disk Druid are useful tools for configuring your hard drives. Both GRUB and LILO are popular and flexible options as boot loaders. And it's faster to install RHEL over most networks on the RHCE exam, as well as in real life on a group of computers on a LAN.

All you need to get started is sufficient unformatted free disk space (as well as 256MB of RAM). The easiest way to get this is by adding a new disk drive to your system. While the mechanics of adding a drive and setting your PC to boot from your CD-ROM bootable is beyond the scope of this book, neither operation is complicated. Once the new drive is installed and your system is configured to boot from the CD-ROM, just stick the first Red Hat Installation CD-ROM into the CD drive and reboot. Accept the defaults during the installation process and see what happens; it will probably just install, dual-boot automatically (assuming another operating system is already installed), and voilà! You are ready to play!

Time is of the essence on the Red Hat Installation and Configuration exams. You may be asked to install and configure some or all of the services described on the Red Hat Exam Prep guide ( Use this chapter to understand the services that you can install with RHEL. The fastest way to install RHEL is in text mode.

However, there are two reasons why you may wish to install RHEL in the regular graphical screen. Text mode does not allow you to configure Logical Volume Management (LVM) partitions. It does not allow you to customize individual packages in the package groups that you may want to install.

This book assumes you're using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 3. If you're using Fedora Linux or Red Hat Linux 9 to simulate an RHEL installation, select a Custom installation for the RHCE exam, and a Workstation installation for the RHCT exam.

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Inside The Exam

Focus During Installation

Both the RHCE and RHCT exams include an installation section. You'll have to do more than just install Linux. You'll have a series of instructions. You'll be told to configure certain services. You may also have to configure different partitions.

Time limits are severe on these exams. Install and configure as much as you can when you install Red Hat Enterprise Linux on your computer. While you can configure and install most anything after Linux is installed, that can take more time than you have.

On the other hand, don't install everything. It takes time to install gigabytes of software over a network. If it's software that you don't need, that's time you can't get back during the exam.

As you read this chapter, learn every part of the installation process. Know what you need to install. For example, if you see a requirement to set up Apache and Samba servers, you'll want to install the Web Server and Windows File Server package groups when you install RHEL 3.

Studying for the Installation Exam

You can use Red Hat Linux 9 to study for the Installation portion of the RHCE and RHCT exams. The steps required are essentially identical to those for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3. If you haven't been able to get RHEL 3 from Red Hat or another source such as cAos, I've set up Appendix B on the CD-ROM as a pictorial-only guide to the RHEL 3 installation process. You can verify for yourself that the steps are essentially identical to those required to install Red Hat Linux 9.

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