The project management plan template provided at Infosys has four major sections. The project summary section gives a high-level overview of the project. It includes information on the start and end dates, the project leader, contacts at the customer end, project objectives, major commitments made to the customer on milestones and deliverables, and assumptions made. The assumptions made are explicitly listed because they frequently serve as a source of risks. Details of billing may also be described (so that the business manager can track them). The objectives of the project from the customer's perspective as well as from Infosys's perspective are mentioned so that it is clear to everyone why the project is being executed.

The project planning section lists the outputs of executing the various project planning procedures. It includes the development process being used, tailoring notes, the requirement change management process, requirement traceability plans, effort and schedule estimates along with their basis, and the people requirement by skill, role, monthwise, or a combination of these. It also specifies the development environment needed, the tools employed, and any project-specific training plans. The quality plan and the risk management plan are also given in this section.

The project tracking section defines the measurements to be taken and the systems to be used for recording data, various project tracking activities to be undertaken, the frequency and nature of the progress reporting, and escalation procedures.

The project team section defines the project team and its structure, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the various people.


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