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Mobile Location Servies: The Definitive Guide
By Andrew  Jagoe
Publisher : Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date : December 31, 2002
ISBN : 0-13-008456-5
Pages : 480

Tomorrow's mobile applications must be smarter than ever, accessing and intelligently using a wide range of location data. In Mobile Location Services , leading mobile application consultant Andrew Jagoe presents the first end-to-end solutions guide to building and deploying location-based services and applications. Jagoe addresses every key development challenge and presents insightful case studies and interviews with key industry leaders .

  • Mobile location servers and the components of an end-to-end location-based solution

  • Spatial analysis: digital mapping, geocoding, routing, map image generation, and point-of-interest searches

  • Mobile positioning: using and augmenting GPS technology

  • Authentication and security in location-based applications

  • Personalization, profiling, and privacy

  • Mobile location clients : platform, protocols, languages, and localization issues

  • Key applications: navigation, emergency assistance, travel services, advertising/marketing, and more

  • Includes detailed appendices on the Geography Markup Language (GML), the Location Interoperability Forum's Mobile Location Protocol, and P3P privacy standards

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