Sold by TechSmith, Snag-It is a great screen capture program that integrates well with all of Office. It makes screenshots in just a few clicks, then improve them with just a few more. Most of the screen shots in this book were created using SnagIt.


Sold by Right Seat Software, VoxProxy adds animated talking characters to the presentation. The characters conform to Microsoft's Agent technology.

The PowerPoint Viewers

Microsoft provides three Viewers for watching PowerPoint presentations on computers without PowerPoint itself installed.

  • The 2003 Viewer, which supports most PowerPoint 2003 features. (By extension, it also supports the features of all previous versions.)

  • The 97 Viewer, which supports all PowerPoint 97 features and all earlier versions.

  • The Macintosh Viewer, which supports all Macintosh PowerPoint features from 98 earlier

Looking For A PowerPoint-To-Flash Converter?

There are almost as many PowerPoint to Flash conversion programs as there are users who want to do the conversion. Three of the best converters include:

  • Macromedia Breeze

  • Articulate

  • PresentationPro

Since the field changes so frequently, I suggest you research the various tools by searching the newsgroup and the web for "powerpoint flash converter."

In addition, Impatica makes a conversion product using Java instead of Flash. It can be found at

Finally, Latitude Communications makes MeetingPlace iCreate, which is based on Wanadu's conversion products. Information can be found at

Turning Point - Interactive Audience Response

Looking to get the audience involved in the presentation? Try Turning Point “ a PowerPoint add-in that adds polling questions to the presentation and gets feedback from the audience on these questions while running the presentation.

In addition to creating questions, Turning Point also stores the audience responses for evaluation after the presentation.

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