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In this millennium , the world has become connected in a way that was envisaged only in science fiction accounts even 50 years back. Instant communication, and travel at twice the speed of sound, are enabling people from all over the world to be in touch continuously. National economies are increasingly becoming part of the globalization process. This phenomenon is carrying in its wake the movement of people, products, and services across the world. Additionally, there is tremendous migration of people especially from the South to the North. Chen and Starosta (1998) report that since 1980, the average age of immigrants has dropped from 46.2 to 28.

All these have resulted in high-performance corporations becoming multicultural in their composition. Consequently, communication within a corporation has to take this into account, and employees need to be encouraged to learn the finer aspects of intercultural communication. The need for skill in intercultural communication is heightened when the corporation is like Nestl , and has operations in several countries . Understanding the nature of intercultural communication can thus contribute to the creation of mind-sets that are successful in the global business world.

Intercultural Management
Intercultural Management: MBA Masterclass (MBA Masterclass Series)
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Authors: Nina Jacob

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