Recipe 2.5 Maximizing Views and Editors


2.5.1 Problem

The Eclipse window is crammed with menu bars, toolbars , views, and editors. Sometimes, editing your code seems too cramped an experience.

2.5.2 Solution

You can maximize views or editors simply by double-clicking the view's titlebar or the editor's tab, something few people know.

2.5.3 Discussion

Figure 2-7 shows a maximized view of the JDT editor.

Figure 2-7. Maximizing an editor

Double-click the view's titlebar or the editor's tab to restore it to its original size .

As with many IDEs, Eclipse can feel crammed at times, especially when you're working on large documents. You might end up feeling like you're peering through a nest of distractions at the code you need to edit. To solve this problem, just double-click the editor's tab to maximize the editor.

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