Recipe 9.4 Embedding Buttons in Toolbars


Recipe 9.4 Embedding Buttons in Toolbars

9.4.1 Problem

Having created a toolbar, you need to start adding buttons.

9.4.2 Solution

To install buttons in a toolbar you use the ToolItem class, passing the ToolBar object you want to use to the ToolItem constructor.

9.4.3 Discussion

Here's a selection of the ToolItem class's most popular methods :

void addSelectionListener(SelectionListener listener)

Adds the listener to the collection of listeners that will be notified when the tool item is selected

void setImage(Image image)

Sets the tool item's image

void setSelection(boolean selected)

Sets the selection state of the tool item

void setText(String string)

Sets the tool item's text

void setToolTipText(String string)

Sets the tool item's tool tip text

void setWidth(int width)

Sets the width of the tool item

Continuing the example from the previous recipe, we'll create five new toolbar buttons and give them captions. Note that we pass the ToolBar object to the ToolItem constructor:

 ToolItem toolItem1 = new ToolItem(toolbar, SWT.PUSH); toolItem1.setText("Save"); ToolItem toolItem2 = new ToolItem(toolbar, SWT.PUSH); toolItem2.setText("Save As"); ToolItem toolItem3 = new ToolItem(toolbar, SWT.PUSH); toolItem3.setText("Print"); ToolItem toolItem4 = new ToolItem(toolbar, SWT.PUSH); toolItem4.setText("Run"); ToolItem toolItem5 = new ToolItem(toolbar, SWT.PUSH); toolItem5.setText("Help");    .    .    . 

That installs the toolbar buttons. To handle their click events, see the next recipe.

9.4.4 See Also

Recipe 9.3 on creating toolbars; Recipe 9.5 on handling toolbar events; Recipe 9.6 on embedding combo boxes, text widgets, and menus in toolbars; Chapter 8 in Eclipse (O'Reilly).

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