Chapter 6: More Advanced Ajax Frameworks

In This Chapter

  • Using the Majax framework

  • Using the Sack framework

  • Using the XHConn framework

  • Using the uniAjax framework

  • Using the AjaxGear framework

  • Using the AjaxRequest framework

  • Using the Http framework

  • Using the Interactive Website Framework

Many client-side Ajax frameworks are available free for the downloading, and this chapter takes a look at some of the most popular. The frameworks reviewed in this chapter are all JavaScript libraries. You use them by adding them to your Web page with a <script> element. When you’ve done so, you can call the functions in those libraries, which means you don’t have to write any Ajax code for yourself.

JavaScript Ajax frameworks run the full spectrum from thin Ajax clients to complete online application “solutions” complete with rich client controls, such as database grids, ready for you to work with. These frameworks offer a varying degree of effort to install and use; you can read about them in this chapter, and you can judge for yourself.

Let’s get started with an easy client-side Ajax framework: Majax.

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