Processing the Results

Playing the Game

You can think of this game being played in two phases: creating the boxes and then selling them. Start the first phase by using the sample boxes that you brought with you to explain the game. On the sample cereal boxes, point out each of the design elements listed previously.

Next, encourage people to create their own boxes. In this phase you'll get a lot questions of the form "Is it OK if I _____?" For example, "Is it OK if want to cut my box?" Yes. "Is it OK if we work in teams?" Yes. "Do we have to work in teams?" No. "Can I glue two boxes together?" Yes. "Can I add stickers and tape?" Yes.

Innovation Games and International Product Teams

Innovation Games have been played in the United States, Mexico, Taiwan, Germany, and Great Britain with great success. The likely reason for this is that the design of the games is based on near universal principles of human psychology and organizational behavior. For example, all cultures have some degree of bartering for goods and services, making Buy a Feature universally accessible to participants. The boat and controlled discussion of Speed Boat make it similarly universally accessible. Although I don't speak Spanish, the genuine fun that participants experience when designing and selling their product boxes is clearly evident in these photos from the 2005 Samana Nacional PyME held in Mexico City, Mexico.

Figure 2.10. Playing Product Box at the 2005 Samana Nacional PyMe

Allow about 30 to 45 minutes to create boxes. When the boxes are completed, you start the next phase of the game, in which customers sell you their boxes. Try to make certain that your customers are standing up and that you're sitting down when they are presenting their product box. This helps reinforce the different roles you're assuming.

You'll need to allow between 5 and 10 minutes for each box selling. Since you don't know which customers will form box teams, it is safest to allocate 5 minutes for each person and then adjust based on the number of boxes created. You'll also have to keep the focus on the selling process. Some facilitators use an egg timer or even a gong, and turn this into a mini-gameWho can do the best job selling their box in less than 6 minutes?

Have some observers watch the persons selling their box. Have others focus on the audience's reactions. Try to focus on the benefits expressed by the seller.

As the game progresses you'll often find that many boxes have similar slogans. Although it is tempting to have only a handful of customers sell their boxes, the reality is that everyone who has created a box will want to sell it. Manage your time accordingly.

Figure 2.11. Playing Product Box

What Happened to the Boxes?

It is especially important to photograph the boxes before customers leave, because many customers will want to take their boxes home as a souvenir.

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