depth of field 101. See also approaching UFO (tutorial); changing plane of focus (tutorial); marbles (tutorial); text preloader (tutorial)
approaching plane of focus 105
diamond-shaped isometric grids and tile maps (tutorial) 8489
creating grass tile 8586
creating wall tile 86
diamond_map.fla 85
diamond_map_start.fla 85
grass movie clip 85
grass spot movie clip 85
grid tile movie clip 85
laying out diamond tile grid 8688
map_array array 87
short wall movie clip 86
staggered_sculptures.fla 85
tilelD variable 87
Discreet Plasma 251
drawing a cube (tutorial) 24
drawing a cylinder (tutorial) 45
drawing a pyramid (tutorial) 67
drawing API 195. See also basic 3D drawing engine (tutorial); flying rocket (tutorial)
2D to 3D translations (tutorial) 199202
methods 196197

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