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enhancing lan performance, fourth edition
Enhancing LAN Performance, Fourth Edition
byGilbert Held ISBN:0849319420
Auerbach Publications 2004 (480 pages)

This book explores the technical issues underlying local area network (LAN) performance, developing mathematical models that readers can apply to their own specific networking requirements.

Table of Contents
Enhancing LAN Performance, Fourth Edition
Chapter 1 - LAN Performance Issues
Chapter 2 - Ethernet, Token Ring, and ATM Frame and Cell Operations
Chapter 3 - Estimating Network Traffic
Chapter 4 - Understanding and Applying Waiting Line Analysis
Chapter 5 - Sizing Communications Equipment and Line Facilities
Chapter 6 - Using the Availability Level as a Decision Criterion
Chapter 7 - Estimating Ethernet Network Performance
Chapter 8 - Estimating Token Ring Network Performance
Chapter 9 - ATM Performance
Chapter 10 - Working with Images
Chapter 11 - Using Intelligent Switches
Chapter 12 - LAN Monitoring Tools
Chapter 13 - Transmission Optimization Techniques
Appendix A - Review Problems
List of Figures
List of Tables

Enhancing LAN Performance
Enhancing LAN Performance
ISBN: 0849319420
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 111
Authors: Gilbert Held
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