Conventions Used in This Book

This book uses the following conventions to make the text easy to follow:

  • Key caps such -[Break] represent keyboard shortcuts. Hyphens mean that you should press the keys in combination.

  • Multiple key caps in sequence separated by commas (for example, [Ctrl]-[F6], [Shift]-[F6]) indicate shortcuts that are alternatives to each other. To indicate a sequence, this book uses the word then : for example, [Ctrl]-[Esc], then [R].

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows are preceded by Windows , and keyboard shortcuts for the Mac are preceded by Mac ”for example:

Windows [Ctrl]-[N], Mac [ z ]-[N]

  • The [ z ] key cap represents the Command key on the Mac. The symbol represents the Apple menu, the menu that appears at the left end of the Mac OS X menu bar.

  • The symbol represents making a choice from a menu. For example, choose File Print means that you should open the File menu and choose the Print command from it. (Usually, you ll press [ z ]-[P] or [Ctrl]-[P] instead, because it s quicker.)

Adobe Creative Suite Keyboard Shortcuts
Adobe Creative Suite Keyboard Shortcuts
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