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Installing and Configuring iPrint

  • Install iPrint as part of the server installation, or install it after the fact through iManager.

  • Configure the Broker, Print Manager, and Printer objects through iManager.

  • After the Broker and Print Manager are created, load BROKER.NLM and NDPSM.NLM on your NetWare 6.5 server to enable NetWare print services.

  • Use the Manage Printers page in iManager to configure printer objects.

  • Use the RPM Configuration page in iManager to configure automatic printer support for workstations.

Working with iPrint

  • IPPSRVR.NLM will be loaded automatically on the NetWare server that hosts the Print Manager for that printer.

  • The iPrint client is required to access and manage iPrint printers. Install the client by going to the iPrint home page on your NetWare 6.5 server at http://<server_IP_address or DNS_name>:631/ipp .

Defining Print Options

  • To tell the printer how to print a job (the paper form to use, format, and so on), open iManager >> Manage Printer. Specify the printer and select the Configurations page to change printer configuration.

Printing Jobs

  • To print files from within an application, simply follow the application's normal printing procedures (making sure the application is configured to print to a network printer).

  • To cancel or move a print job, open iManager >> Manage Printer. Specify the printer and select the Printer Control >> Jobs page.

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