Lesson 10. Creating a Script, Storyboard, and Presentation

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This lesson takes approximately 1 hour to complete.


Use Pages to create a custom template for a video script


Use Keynote to create a storyboard presentation


Publish a presentation to .mac


Use Pages to create a storyboard handout


Use Pages to create a layout for a proposal

Computer users working in the film and television and graphic design communities rely heavily on their Macs. If you look in most creative departments and design boutiques, you see Macs being used to create everything from magazines and Web sites to television shows and Hollywood films.

While Macs are well suited for all of those creative tasks, someone had to sell the job. The creative pros (or someone at the company) have to respond to potential jobs, building proposals, and making presentations.

In this lesson, you'll see how iWork can be used by a creative pro to tackle business tasks. In fact, you'll work with materials created for a real-world client to pitch a real-world TV commercial. You'll see that both Pages and Keynote can help you save time and make great-looking presentations to win more jobs.

Lesson 9 introduced the Tour de Cure eventa series of bicycle rides throughout the United States to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. In this lesson, you'll help the ADA create a public service announcement (PSA) for the event for broadcast television. The commercial promotes the event and the riders who participate in it. Before shooting the video, the client needs a script and a storyboarda walk-through of the video using images and text. Using Pages and Keynote, you will create both of these elements. You will also create a layout for a proposal that you can use with other clients.

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