Chapter 5: Designing the Database


The success of your dynamic website depends on the supporting database. Dreamweaver MX only makes the development process of creating an interactive site easier. If you can't retrieve the right data, all of Dreamweaver's fancy footwork is useless.After all, a properly designed relational database is flexible, easy to use, and adapts well to change as the database grows. On the other hand, a poor design produces anomalies and frustration. An anomaly is simply an error that occurs when you try to work with your data-modifying, updating, adding, or even deleting information. As you can well imagine, working with a poorly designed relational database is difficult-getting the data from the tables to your website might prove almost impossible.

When discussing a website, the term design usually refers to the general look and feel of what you see. When discussing a relational database, the term design means the way the database is structured. This chapter is devoted to relational database theory and the design process. If you're not familiar with the driving force behind the relational database, welcome to Relational Database Theory 101. If you're well versed in relational database theory, you can probably skip this entire chapter.

Mastering Dreamweaver MX Databases
Mastering Dreamweaver MX Databases
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