The Best Compile Strategy

You will quickly realize that when you write and test very large corporate source programs, you must focus primarily on the block of work you just coded or are reviewing, and have confidence that your prior code works and was well tested as you wrote it.

Successful programmers quickly learn to work in very small blocks of code and in small bursts of intensive effort; then they have the computer validate ”or invalidate ”the last effort and its effect on the entire program. I may compile a program or several programs 100 or more times a day, validating each programming block of work, testing the results of the added code, and building success upon success, until the program is complete enough to be considered unit-tested.

Working on small blocks of programming functions and getting positive reinforcement of your latest effort makes your mind work best, and drives you to keep on. When you use this method, you will consider even complex programs easy. The computer is waiting to compile and validate your latest programming; you need only make use of it. So use the computer all day, every day, as you program.

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$$ The Bottom Line $$

Don t take a job at a company that denies you instant access to its computer ”meaning instant response to each of your compiles. This access allows you to work in small blocks of code. Validating each programming block of work and testing the results of the added code (thus building success upon success) will make even complex programs seem easy. Sparing the computer the trouble of continual compiling is fatuous. Compile your work 100 times a day, if you must, to get it right as you move along.

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