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ICBM module
id element (Atom Feed Documents)
Identity construct (Atom)
Iff, Morbus
image rdf:resource
Infinite Penguins RSS Viewer
info element (Atom Feed Documents)
InfoSnorkel News Aggregator
International Standards Organization
introspection element (Atom Feed Documents)
item elements (RSS 2.0)
     author subelement
     category subelement
     comments subelement
     description subelement
     enclosure subelement
     guid subelement
     link subelement
     pubDate subelement
     source subelement
     title subelement
item rdf:about
iTunes Music Store

Developing Feeds with RSS and Atom
Developing Feeds with Rss and Atom
ISBN: 0596008813
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 118

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