Section 15.2. Tools

15.2. Tools

SQL Server 2005 provides the following tools for designing and managing Integration Services:

Business Intelligence Development Studio

Helps to develop, test, debug, and deploy integration packages.

SQL Server 2005 Management Studio

Manages packages in production.

SSIS Designer

A graphical tool in Business Intelligence Development Studio that is used to construct control flows and data flows in packages, add event handlers to the packages and package objects, view package contents, and view execution progress of packages.

Integration Services Wizards

Wizards for copying data between data sources, constructing simple packages, creating package configurations, deploying Integration Services projects, and migrating SQL Server 2000 DTS packages.

Command-line utilities

Tools to manage packages, specify package runtime configuration, and run packages from the command line, as described in Table 15-7.

Table 15-7. SSIS command-line utilities

Command-line utility



Specifies runtime configuration and runs an existing package on the local computer


Configures and runs an existing package stored in a SQL Server database, the SSIS package store, and the filesystem


Manages, copies, deletes, moves, and verifies the existence of existing packages stored in a SQL Server database, the SSIS package store, and the filesystem

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