Root Authority

Root Authority

Root access will be given to Mr. A and Ms. B to support servers AD0001 and AD0002. Mr. A and Ms. B are to support/backup each other (i.e., during illness /vacation). If they're both unavailable, contact Technical Support (within the Data Center).

All changes to root will be audited to provide a trace of activity from the root user . The following activities are to be done by Technical Support upon request:

  • kernel changes

  • disk reconfigurations

  • modifying the root user environment

  • installation of any binary into the system directory structure

  • modification to any network- related configuration files

  • manipulation/modification of any system daemon that is run as root

  • changes to the /etc/rc* files

The following (but not limited to these) activities may be done by the Applications Development root owners :

  • change /etc/exports for mount directories

  • change /etc/vfstab

  • add users/groups

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