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First, I would like to thank my editor, Ron Petrusha, for all his help. Let it be known that I am probably not the easiest writer to work with, so his guidance was immensely appreciated. Why he decided to do a second book with me, I will never know. Of course, I must extend this gratitude to the rest of the O'Reilly gang: Tatiana Diaz, John Osborn, Glen Gillmore, Brian Sawyer, and Claire Cloutier.

Next, I'd like to thank my technical reviewers. I owe Robert C. Martin a very special thank you for reviewing the major OO portions of the book (Chapter 4 and Chapter 5). Having his input was an awesome experience because much of what I have learned about OOP comes from his writings. I would also like to thank Ingo Rammer for answering many of my remoting questions. Buy his book, Advanced .NET Remoting (APress). It's the best. And last but not least, thanks to Daniel Creeron for his thorough review of the entire book.

On a personal note, I don't think this book would have been possible without the many people who helped me this past year more than they will ever know: Natasha Deveraux, Kristen Guggenheim, Melinda Parmley, Marty Kelly, Michael Anderson, Joby Erickson, Kelly Christopher, Jon Polley, Joe Boley, Steve Myers, David Braddy, Robert Smith, and Ogre. God bless you all.

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Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic. Net
Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET
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