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L1 routers   2nd   3rd  
L1-2 routers   2nd  
L2 routers   2nd   3rd  
LAN Hello packets  
Layer 3
       protocol independence (EIGRP)  
Layer 3 addresses
       definition of networks  
       IP subnetting   2nd  
       need for  
       network characteristics of  
       design rules for  
       function of  
               design rules for  
leaking, local server traffic  
Level 1-2 routers  
link local IPv6 unicast address  
link-state advertisements (LSAs)   2nd  
link-state routing protocols   2nd   3rd   4th  
       networks   2nd  
        path selection  
       updating local network tables  
               IP   [See IP (Internet Protocol)]
LLQ (low-latency queuing)  
load balancing
       RIPv1   2nd  
loading state  
local preference attribute  
local server traffic, leaking  
       route maps  
logical AND
       subnet masks
               IP addresses  
logical connections
Logical Hop field
       routing tables  
longest matches  
loop-free networks  
loop-free routing tables  
loopback interface  
       configuring OSPF on internal routers  
loopback IPv6 unicast addresses  
loops   2nd  
       link-state routing protocols   2nd  
low-latency queuing (LLQ)  
LSAs (link-state advertisements)  
LSAs (links-state advertisements)  
LSPs (link-state packet)  


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