Chapter 18. Controlling Network Traffic with Route Maps and Policy-Based Routing


This chapter covers the following topics, which you need to understand to pass the CCNP/CCDP/CCIP BSCI exam:

  • Understanding route maps

  • Understanding policy-based routing

  • The operation of route maps and policy-based routing

  • Configuring route maps for policy-based routing

  • Configuring fast switching with policy-based routing

  • Configuring route maps for redistribution

  • Monitoring the configuration of route maps, policy-based routing, and redistribution

The topics in this chapter deal with controlling both routed and routing traffic with route maps, which are more sophisticated than access lists. This is an advanced topic that deals with programming the router to match criteria against assigned lists and to perform tasks based on the result of the match.

The chapter deals with why route maps are needed and how they work. This chapter also provides the configuration syntax with working examples.

Route maps are rather intimidating if you are not familiar with access lists. Access lists are dealt with in depth in the CCNA course materials. The books CCNA Self-Study: Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND) and the CCNA ICND Exam Certification Guide , both from Cisco Press, deal with these subjects in more depth.

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