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translating strategy into shareholder value: a company-wide approach to value creation
Translating Strategy into Shareholder Value: A Company-Wide Approach to Value Creation
byRaymond J. Trotta ISBN:0814405649
AMACOM 2003 (270 pages)

This text looks at how the strategic planning process can be applied directly to the achievement of shareholder value, and provides a practical methodology.

Table of Contents
Translating Strategy into Shareholder Value—A Company-Wide Approach to Value Creation
Part 1 - Introduction to Strategic Alternatives
Chapter 1- Value and Value Proposition
Chapter 2- External Strategic Alternatives
Chapter 3- Internal Strategic Alternatives
Part 2 - The Macro View
Chapter 4- The Economic Filter
Chapter 5- The Strategic Filter
Part 3 - The Operational Filter
Chapter 6- Introduction to the Operational Filter
Chapter 7- The DuPont Model
Chapter 8- Activity-Based Management
Part 4 - The Valuation Filter
Chapter 9- Regression Analysis
Chapter 10- Components of Value
Chapter 11- Valuation
Final Thoughts
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Too often there are serious missed signals between a company’s stated goals and the methods employed to try to reach them. Translating Strategy into Shareholder Value is a unique look at how the planning process relates to the achievement of shareholder value, and ways to ensure that the two directly complement each other. Using tools and a special case study to analyze past, present, and future performance, the book takes readers through a host of steps, including:

  • Comparing existing strategy to the competition and the economy as a whole
  • Analyzing productive capabilities and costs
  • Bringing nonfinancial metrics to test how future strategy creates value
  • Selecting the right analytical tool and looking at strategic solutions

If corporations are to truly maximize their success, managers need to understand how to translate corporate strategy to the bottom line—and that means seeing the big picture.

About the Author

Raymond J. Trotta is a management consultant and academic. He is a cofounder of iValue, a consulting firm focused on the valuation of information technology.

Translating Strategy into Shareholder Value—A Company-Wide Approach to Value Creation

Raymond J. Trotta

American Management Association

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Trotta, Raymond J.
Translating strategy into shareholder value : a company-wide
approach to value creation / Raymond J. Trotta.
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To my parents for their dedication and resolve
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support throughout this effort.
To Father Sabas Kilian, deceased professor of
Fordham University, whose inspiration drove the
actuation of our ideas.