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Absolute Beginner's Guide to Upgrading and Fixing Your PC
By Michael Miller
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: September 03, 2003
ISBN: 0-7897-3045-6
Pages: 416

We have the technology. This book shows how to make it stronger, faster, better than it was before...

  • For some, buying a new PC is out of the question, so we show how to breathe life back into an older PC.

  • Does that PC really need an upgrade or just a little fixing? This book shows how to make that call without breaking the bank.

  • Why pay to have a PC tech perform simple upgrades? With the help of this book, readers can install a new DVD-ROM drive, memory and new speakers!

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Absolute Beginner's Guide to Upgrading and Fixing Your PC
By Michael Miller
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: September 03, 2003
ISBN: 0-7897-3045-6
Pages: 416
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      How This Book Is Organized
      Conventions Used in This Book
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   Part I.  Before You Upgrade
      Chapter 1.  Hardware Basics for the Absolute Beginner
      Getting to Know Your Personal Computer System
      Your PC's System Unit—The Mother Ship
      Inside the Case
      Microprocessors: The Main Engine
      Computer Memory: Temporary Storage
      Hard Disk Drives: Long-Term Storage
      Diskette Drives: Portable Storage
      CD Drives: Storage on a Disc
      DVD Drives: Even More Storage on a Disc
      Keyboards: Fingertip Input
      Mice: Point-and-Click Input Devices
      Video Cards and Monitors: Getting the Picture
      Sound Cards and Speakers: Making Noise
      Modems: Getting Connected
      Network Devices: Sharing Files and Peripherals
      Printers: Making Hard Copies
      The Operating System: Windows to the World of Computing
      Understanding the Startup Process
      Chapter 2.  Preparing Your System for an Upgrade
      To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade—That Is the Question
      What to Upgrade
      Before You Upgrade
      An Upgrade Roadmap
      What to Do if the Upgrade Goes Wrong
   Part II.  Essential Hardware Upgrades
      Chapter 3.  Ports Ahoy: Upgrading System Inputs
      What Ports Can You Add?
      Buying a Port Expansion Card
      Upgrade #1: Adding a New Port Card
      Upgrade #2: Adding an External USB Hub
      Upgrade #3: Adding Ports to a Portable PC
      Chapter 4.  Bigger Is Better: Upgrading System Storage
      Understanding Hard Disk Drives
      Upgrade #1: Adding an External Hard Drive
      Upgrade #2: Adding a Second Internal Hard Drive
      Upgrade #3: Replacing Your Existing Hard Drive
      Upgrade #4: Adding an Internal Floppy or Zip Drive
      Upgrade #5: Adding a Memory Card Reader
      Chapter 5.  Optical Tricks: Upgrading CD and DVD Drives
      Understanding Optical Storage
      Upgrade #1: Adding an External CD or DVD Drive
      Upgrade #2: Adding an Internal CD or DVD Drive
      Chapter 6.  You Must Remember This: Upgrading System Memory
      Understanding Computer Memory
      Upgrade #1: Adding RAM to a Desktop PC
      Upgrade #2: Adding RAM to a Portable PC
      Chapter 7.  Point and Click: Upgrading Mice and Keyboards
      Upgrade #1: Installing a New Mouse
      Upgrade #2: Installing a New Keyboard
      Upgrade #3: Installing a Wireless Mouse or Keyboard
      Upgrade #4: Installing a New Joystick or Game Controller
      Chapter 8.  The Paper Chase: Upgrading Printers and Scanners
      Understanding Printers
      Upgrade #1: Installing a Printer
      Upgrade #2: Installing a Scanner
      Chapter 9.  The Big Picture: Upgrading Video Cards and Monitors
      Understanding PC Video
      Upgrade #1: Replacing Your Monitor
      Upgrade #2: Replacing Your Video Card
      Upgrade #3: Adding a Second Video Card and Monitor
      Upgrade #4: Adding a TV Tuner Card
      Upgrade #5: Adding a Video Capture Card or Device
      Chapter 10.  Pet Sounds: Upgrading Sound Cards and Speakers
      Understanding PC Audio
      Upgrade #1: Connecting New Speakers
      Upgrade #2: Replacing Your Sound Card
      Upgrade #3: Upgrading to a New External Sound Box
      Upgrade #4: Adding an Audio Interface Box
   Part III.  Upgrading For Specific Applications
      Chapter 11.  Play It Loud: Upgrading for Digital Music Playback and Recording
      Understanding Digital Audio
      Application #1: Listening to CDs and Digital Music Files
      Application #2: Downloading Music from the Internet
      Application #3: Ripping Music from a CD
      Application #4: Burning Your Own Music CDs
      Application #5: Transferring Digital Music to a Portable Audio Player
      Application #6: Listening to Internet Radio
      Application #7: Playing a Digital Piano or Synthesizer
      Application #8: Setting Up Your Own Home Recording Studio
      Chapter 12.  Slides and Prints: Upgrading for Digital Photography and Picture Editing
      Application #1: Downloading Photographs from a Digital Camera
      Application #2: Scanning Photo Prints
      Application #3: Editing Digital Photographs
      Application #4: Printing Digital Photographs
      Application #5: Sharing Digital Photos Over the Internet
      Chapter 13.  Everyone's Gone to the Movies: Upgrading for TV Viewing and Digital Video Editing
      Application #1: Viewing Television Programs
      Application #2: Viewing DVD Movies
      Application #3: Editing Movies from a Digital Camcorder
      Application #4: Editing Movies from an Analog Camcorder
      Application #5: Creating Your Own DVD Movies
      Chapter 14.  Fun Is Good: Upgrading for Enhanced Game Play
      Application #1: PC Gaming
      Application #2: Network Gaming
      Application #3: Online Gaming
   Part IV.  Upgrading Your Entire System
      Chapter 15.  Connect the Dots: Upgrading to a Wired or Wireless Network
      Understanding Networks
      Upgrade #1: Creating a Wired Network
      Upgrade #2: Creating a Wireless Network
      Chapter 16.  The Faster the Better: Upgrading Your Internet Connection
      Understanding Broadband Internet
      Upgrade #1: Connecting to DSL Internet
      Upgrade #2: Connecting to Digital Cable Internet
      Upgrade #3: Connecting to Digital Satellite Internet
      Upgrade #4: Sharing a Broadband Connection
      Chapter 17.  Opening New Windows: Upgrading to Windows XP
      Why Windows XP?
      Which Version for You?
      Can You Make the Upgrade?
      Upgrade #1: Windows XP Typical Upgrade Installation
      Upgrade #2: Windows XP "Clean" Installation
      Upgrade #3: Updating Your Copy of Windows XP
      Chapter 18.  The Big Switch: Upgrading to a New Computer
      Choosing the Right PC for Your Needs
      Where to Buy
      Migrating Your Old Files and Settings to Your New PC
      Getting Rid of Your Old PC
   Part V.  Preventing PC Problems
      Chapter 19.  Simple Steps to Keep Your System in Tip-Top Shape
      Basic Hardware Maintenance
      Let Windows Tune Up Your System
      Using Third-Party Utilities
      Preparing a PC Survival Kit
      Chapter 20.  Protecting Your Computer from Viruses and Internet Attacks
      Dealing with Computer Viruses
      Dealing with Internet Attacks
   Part VI.  Troubleshooting Common Problems
      Chapter 21.  How to Deal with a Finicky PC
      Common Causes for Common Problems
      Dealing with Upgrade Problems
      Basic Troubleshooting Tips
      Using Windows Troubleshooting Utilities
      Turning Back Time with System Restore
      Managing the Windows Registry
      Upgrading for Bug Fixes
      Resorting to Repair
      Chapter 22.  What to Do When Your Computer Doesn't Start or Freezes Up
      Dealing with System Startup Problems
      Troubleshooting Windows Startup Problems
      Dealing with Windows-Related Startup Problems
      Dealing with System Freezes
      Chapter 23.  What to Do When You Can't Access Your Disks
      Dealing with Hard Drive Problems
      Dealing with CD-ROM or DVD Problems
      Chapter 24.  What to Do When Your Mouse or Keyboard Won't Work
      Dealing with Mouse Problems
      Dealing with Keyboard Problems
      Chapter 25.  What to Do When Your Printer Won't Print
      Understanding Potential Problems
      Dealing with Printer Problems
      Chapter 26.  What to Do When Your Display Looks Funny
      What Can Give You Bad Video
      Dealing with Video Problems
      Chapter 27.  What to Do When Your Sound System Doesn't Sound Right
      What Can Cause Bad Sound
      Dealing with Audio Problems
      Chapter 28.  What to Do When Your Files Are Lost or Corrupted
      Why Files Go Bad
      Dealing with File Problems
      Chapter 29.  What to Do When Your Network or Internet Connection Starts Acting Up
      Dealing with Network Problems
      Dealing with Internet-Related Problems
      Chapter 30.  What to Do When You Receive a Windows Error Message
      Understanding Common Error Messages