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instant messaging rules: a business guide to managing policies, security, and legal issues for safe im communication
Instant Messaging Rules: A Business Guide to Managing Policies, Security, and Legal Issues for Safe IM Communication
byNancy Flynn ISBN:0814472532

This book addresses the potentially costly legal, regulatory, productivity, security, training, and management challenges that Instant Messaging brings to the workplace, and offers a best practices toolkit for workplace IM usage.

Table of Contents
Instant Messaging Rules—A Business Guide to Managing Policies, Security, and Legal Issues for Safe IM Communication
Part One - What Every Employer Needs to Know About Workplace Instant Messaging
Introduction - Why Instant Messaging Management?
Chapter 1 - Instant Messaging Is Used by Someone in Nearly Every U.S. Company
Chapter 2 - Uncovering Unauthorized Instant Messaging Use in Your Office
Chapter 3 - What’s the Best Way to Manage Employees’ Instant Messaging Use?
Chapter 4 - Establishing an E-Risk Management, Compliance, and Litigation Response Team
Chapter 5 - Instant Messaging Pros and Cons
Part Two - Instant Messaging and the Law—Why Every Employer Must Establish Rules and Policies
Chapter 6 - Instant Messaging Creates Business Challenges and Legal Headaches
Chapter 7 - Instant Messaging Compounds Confidentiality Concerns
Chapter 8 - Protecting Privacy in the Instant Messaging World: Prying Eyes May Be Reading Over Your Electronic Shoulder
Part Three - Establishing an Instant Messaging Policy
Chapter 9 - Use Written Rules and Policies to Enforce Your Strategic Instant Messaging Management Plan
Part Four - Content Guidelines for Clean and Compliant Instant Messaging
Chapter 10 - What Constitutes Appropriate (and Inappropriate) Instant Messaging Content?
Part Five - Establishing an Instant Messaging Retention and Deletion Strategy
Chapter 11 - Retaining Instant Messaging Business Records Is a Legal Necessity—and a Business Challenge
Chapter 12 - How to Manage Instant Messaging Business Record Retention
Chapter 13 - Instant Messaging Discovery: Locating Evidence—For or Against You
Chapter 14 - Beware the Destruction of Instant Messaging Evidence
Part Six - Employee Education
Chapter 15 - Training Is Essential to Instant Messaging Policy Compliance
Chapter 16 - Employee Compliance Is Key to Successful Instant Messaging Policy
Part Seven - Regulatory Realities
Chapter 17 - Instant Messaging Is Big on Wall Street
Chapter 18 - Regulated Firms Playing Catch-Up with E-Mail Retention
Chapter 19 - Instant Messaging Regulations Extend to Main Street, Too
Part Eight - Appendices
Appendix A - Thirty-Two Instant Messaging Rules: Best Practices to Keep You in Business and out of Court
Appendix B - Instant Messaging and E-Mail Policy Dos and Don’ts
Appendix C - Instant Messaging and E-Mail Code of Conduct
Appendix D - Sample Instant Messaging and E-Mail Policies
Appendix E - Sample Computer Network, Instant Messaging, and E-Mail Policy
Appendix F - Sample Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy
Appendix G - Instant Messaging Vendors
Appendix H - Glossary of Instant Messaging, E-Mail, Legal, Regulatory, and Technical Terms
Appendix I - Recommended Reading
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