Disabling IS-IS on an Interface


You want to temporarily turn off IS-IS on an interface.


Disable IS-IS on the interface:

	[edit protocols isis]
	aviva@RouterG# set interface fe-1/0/1 disable

To start IS-IS again, remove the disable statement from the configuration:

	[edit protocols isis]
	aviva@RouterG# delete disable
	aviva@RouterG# commit


To remove an interface from the IS-IS network, you can disable it. Because you are only removing the interface temporarily, you don want to remove the configuration statements entirely. You see that the interface is down:

	aviva@RouterG> show isis interface
IS-IS interface database:
	Interface L CirID Level 1 DR Level 2 DR L1/L2 Metric
	fe-0/0/1.0 3 0x2 RouterG.02 RouterG.02 10/10
	fe-1/0/0.0 1 0x3 RouterA.02 Disabled 10/10
	fe-1/0/1.0 3 0x1 Disabled Disabled 10/10
	lo0.0 0 0x1 Passive Passive 0/0

Also, the adjacency to the neighbor is down:

	aviva@RouterG> show isis adjacency
	Interface System L State Hold (secs) SNPA
	fe-0/0/1.0 RouterH 2 Up 26 0:5:85:c1:d1:d1
	fe-1/0/0.0 RouterA 1 Up 6 0:5:85:ca:ca:70
	fe-1/0/1.0 RouterJ 2 Down 0 0:5:85:c4:72:f5

Another way to disable IS-IS on an interface is with the deactivate command:

	[edit protocols isis]
	aviva@RouterG# deactivate interface fe-1/0/1.0
	aviva@RouterG# commit
	aviva@RouterG# show
	interface fe-0/0/1.0;
	interface fe-1/0/0.0 {
	 level 2 disable;
	inactive: interface fe-1/0/1.0;
	interface lo0.0;

To start IS-IS again on the interface, reactivate it:

	[edit protocols isis]
	aviva@RouterG# > activate interface fe-1/0/1
	aviva@RouterG# commit

You can also temporarily disable OSPF on the router:

	[edit protocols isis]
	aviva@RouterG# set disable
	aviva@RouterG# commit and-quit
	aviva@RouterG> show isis interface
	IS-IS instance is not running

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