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M 6 Wrap Up

In this appendix, you learned how to insert and remove breakpoints in the debugger. Breakpoints allow you to pause program execution so you can examine variable values with the debugger's print command. This capability will help you locate and fix logic errors in your programs. You saw how to use the print command to examine the value of an expression, and you learned how to use the set command to change the value of a variable. You also learned debugger commands (including the step, finish and next commands) that can be used to determine whether a function is executing correctly. You learned how to use the watch command to keep track of a data member throughout the scope of that data member. Finally, you learned how to use the info break command to list all the breakpoints and watchpoints set for a program and the delete command to remove individual breakpoints and watchpoints.

C++ How to Program
C++ How to Program (5th Edition)
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