M.1. Introduction

In Chapter 2, you learned that there are two types of errorscompilation errors and logic errorsand you learned how to eliminate compilation errors from your code. Logic errors do not prevent a program from compiling successfully, but they do cause the program to produce erroneous results when it runs. GNU includes software called a debugger that allows you to monitor the execution of your programs so you can locate and remove logic errors.

The debugger will be one of your most important program development tools. Many IDEs provide their own debuggers similar to the one included in GNU or provide a graphical user interface to GNU's debugger. This appendix demonstrates key features of GNU's debugger. Appendix L discusses the features and capabilities of the Visual Studio .NET debugger. We provide several free Dive Into™ Series publications to help students and instructors familiarize themselves with the debuggers provided with various development tools. These publications are available on the CD that accompanies the text and can be downloaded from www.deitel.com/books/downloads.

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