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The Unusually Useful Web Book
By June Cohen
Publisher: New Riders Publishing
Pub Date: May 23, 2003
ISBN: 0-7357-1206-9
Pages: 408

The Unusually Useful Web Book is the only book you need to find out everything you need to know about web sites. In fact, it's 2 books in 1. You can skim the sidebars and checklists for tips and techniques you can use right away. Or you can follow along with the main text for a detailed discussion of planning, designing, building, and maintaining your web site.

The Unusually Useful Web Book is jam-packed with:

  • Do-it-yourself worksheets. 20 worksheets walk you through essential tasks such as increasing traffic, improving site speed, writing a product plan, and making your site cross-compatible.

  • Behind-the-scenes info. 25 special Lessons from the Trenches show you how sites such as and deal with day-to-day challenges such as naming site sections or sending effective emails.

  • Advice from leading experts. More than 50 experts - from the father of the ad banner to the founder of - openly share the lessons they've learned on everything from making money to working with engineers. Includes expert interviews with Adam Berliant (Group Manager at Microsoft), Greg Dotson (Chief Information Office for, Randi Shade (founder of, Emily Simas (former product manager for, Srinija Srinivasan (VP and Editor in Chief of Yahoo!), and Evany Thomas (managing editor for Webmonkey).

  • Jargon-free explanations. Step-by-step instructions-covering everything from acquiring a domain name to preparing images for the web-are written in language you can understand.

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The Unusually Useful Web Book
By June Cohen
Publisher: New Riders Publishing
Pub Date: May 23, 2003
ISBN: 0-7357-1206-9
Pages: 408
   about the author
   about the cartoonist
   about the technical reviewer
      editors and others
      friends and family
      Tell Us What You Think
   12 steps to web site success
   top 10 reasons web sites fail
      what this book is...and isn't
      what we've learned about the web
   Section 1.  planning your site
      Chapter 1.  deciding what to do
      what works on the web
      writing a mission statement
      stating your goals
      setting goals for a company site
      deciding what goes on the site
      take action! writing a plan
      why bother writing a plan?
      the basic product plan
      Chapter 2.  naming your site
      choosing a name
      registering your name
      choosing a suffix
      Chapter 3.  sizing up the competition
      identifying competitors
      evaluating competitors
      Chapter 4.  getting to know your users
      learning about your users
      profiling your users
      estimating audience size
      visualizing your users
      predicting what users will want
      understanding user needs
      understanding user behavior
      take action! making money
      the revenue models
      considering your options
      why pick just one?
      5 online revenue models
      making money from product sales
      making money from advertising
      making money from user fees & subscriptions
      making money from match-making
      online payment options
   Section 2.  designing your site
      Chapter 5.  designing for the web
      designing for the user
      designing for web conventions
      designing for HTML
      designing for different systems
      designing for speed
      Chapter 6.  organization & navigation
      site organization
      structuring your site
      documenting site structure
      site navigation
      global and local navigation
      creating a navigation system
      12 navigation systems
      naming site sections
      take action: usability testing
      what you can learn from usability tests
      usability testing on the cheap
      Chapter 7.  visual design
      front door design
      color on the web
      creating a color system
      making color work on the web
      typography on the web
      Chapter 8.  understanding design technologies
      html & xhtml
      client-side scripts (javascript)
      server-side scripts (asp, php)
      java applets
      how'd they get that look?
      understanding xhtml
      understanding tables
      understanding frames
      understanding stylesheets
      understanding javascript
      understanding flash
      understanding php
   Section 3.  building your site
      Chapter 9.  building for the web
      building for speed
      building for compatibility
      building for reliability
      fixing a broken site
      building for accessibility
      building your site to last
      building the backend
      Chapter 10.  how web sites work (a primer)
      how web pages are built
      3 ways to build a web site
      picturing how html works
      building your first web page
      how web pages turn into a web site
      Chapter 11.  preparing images & multimedia for the web
      understanding compression
      how compression works
      understanding memory
      images on the web
      choosing an image file format
      preparing images for the web
      audio on the web
      choosing a format for online audio
      preparing audio for the web
      video on the web
      choosing a format for online video
      preparing video for the web
      take action! improving site speed
      how slow is too slow?
      a speedy site in 6 steps
      Chapter 12.  adding applications to your site
      choosing the right technology
      developing software for your site
      developing the application
   Section 4.  maintaining your site
      Chapter 13.  monitoring & evolving your site
      studying your site
      sources of traffic to your site
      measuring traffic
      creating a traffic report
      typical traffic patterns
      a year's forecast
      evolving your site
      take action! increasing traffic
      getting started
      attracting new visitors
      keeping visitors around longer
      bringing visitors back more often
      Chapter 14.  promoting your site
      word-of-mouth strategies
      email strategies
      choosing an email strategy
      setting up an email list
      linking strategies
      online advertising
      where to advertise?
      targeting ads
      types of ads
      cross-media strategies
      take action! improving your search rank
      first understand how it works
      then make a plan...
      if all else fails ...
      getting listed in search engines
      improving your rank in search engines
      Chapter 15.  managing a web project & team
      managing a web project
      managing a web team
      assembling a web team
      structuring your web team
   expert advice
      the experts