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you don’t have to do it alone: how to involve others to get things done
You Don’t Have to Do It Alone: How to Involve Others to Get Things Done
byRichard H. Axelrod, Emily M. Axelrod, Julie BeedonandRobert W. Jacobs ISBN:157675278X
Berrett-Koehler Publishers 2004 (116 pages)

Learn to involve others and make your work easier! This concise book lays out a simple, straightforward plan of action for finding the right people and keeping them energized, enthusiastic, and committed until the work is completed.

Table of Contents
You Don't Have To Do It Alone—How to Involve Others to Get Things Done
Chapter 1 - What Kind of Involvement is Needed?
Chapter 2 - How do I Know Whom to Include?
Chapter 3 - How do I Invite People to Become Involved?
Chapter 4 - How do I Keep People Involved?
Chapter 5 - How do I Finish the Job?
Chapter 6 - Meetings: the Involvement Edge
Chapter 7 - Where to Start
Appendix A - The Involvement Checklist
Appendix B - For Further Learning
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You Don't Have to Do It Alone takes a systematic approach to getting things done by involving others. It lays out a simple, straightforward plan of action for finding the right people and keeping them energized, enthusiastic, and committed until the work is completed. Examples and anecdotes from corporations, government and the non-profit sector illustrate helpful tools and techniques for resolving issues.

About the Authors

Richard H. Axelrod helped revolutionize the world of organizational change when, together with his wife Emily, he developed the Conference Model, a process for engaging the entire organization in system-wide change. He is currently working with Peter Block and the Association for Quality and Participation to develop the School for Managing, an innovative approach to management education.

Emily M. Axelrod is co-founder of The Axelrod Group, Inc. Emily and Richard contributed to The Change Handbook and The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook and Companion.

Julie Beedon is the CEO of VISTA Consulting Team Ltd., whose clients include Royal Dutch Shell, The BBC, The National Health Service, and Mars. She is the co-author of Meetings By Design and contributed to Managing Change in the New Public Sector.

Robert W. Jacobs is a partner in Mercer Delta Consulting's change leadership practice. He has been an advisor to executive, management, and work groups of public, private, and non-profit organizations, and has created innovative training techniques for real time strategic change technology. He is the author of Real Time Strategic Change.

You Don't Have To Do It Alone—How to Involve Others to Get Things Done

Richard H. Axelrod

Emily M. Axelrod

Julie Beedon

Robert W. Jacobs


San Francisco

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You don't have to do it alone : how to involve others to get things done / Richard H.
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David Boushee Axelrod, Kirk Alan Beedon, Livia Eve Beedon, Aaron Matthew Jacobs, Alison Marie Jacobs, Heather Axelrod Oliver, Timothy James Oliver, Zachary James Oliver, Andrew Isaac Oliver

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Richard H. Axelrod is a founder of, and principal in, The Axelrod Group, Inc.—a consulting firm that pioneered the use of employee-involvement to effect large-scale organizational change. He now brings over twenty-five years of consulting and teaching experience to his work, with clients including Boeing, Coca Cola, and Hewlett Packard. Dick received his masters in business administration from the University of Chicago. Raised in Chicago, he is a lifelong Cubs fan.

Emily M. Axelrod is also a founder of, and principal in, The Axelrod Group, Inc., which she created with her husband. For the past twenty-five years, she has consulted to Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits. With Southern wit and spirit, she helps build more productive, energized, dignified enterprises. Emily has two master's degrees: one in education from the University of North Carolina and one in social work from Loyola University.

Julie Beedon co-founded VISTA with the aim of "Making a Difference in the World." She does this by engaging organizations and communities to create a desirable future. Julie brings energy, enthusiasm, and a mathematics degree to her work. She loves theories, concepts, and principles, while enjoying a healthy debate about why they work. Julie's clients range in size from small Staffordshire villages in the UK to global multinational organizations such as Royal Dutch Shell.

Robert W. Jacobs is a partner in the change management practice at Mercer Delta Consulting. Jake has a simple philosophy to change: if you think of change work as something special, you'll never get around to doing it. Change work needs to be part of your daily work. In doing so, you begin living your future now. Jake's clients embracing this philosophy include Ford, Marriott, and the City of New York. Jake lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Cheryl; children, Alison and Aaron; and four-legged friends, Chester, Chloe, Madison, and well-trained buddy Theo.