Creating a Formal Implementation Plan

Finally, the CERO and his or her staff should create a detailed implementation plan highlighting key goals, success criteria, and probable required changes to management systems and processes (staffing, inspection team development, new IT systems, education and training needs, etc.) that form the basis of the company s business case for action. The plan should detail responsibility and accountability for successful implementation, and set the basis for a reward and incentive plan to be incorporated into management and employee pay and reward systems ( including building accountability into employee job descriptions). It should address items such as:

  • The case for action

  • The company s ethical supply chain strategy

  • Results of the self-assessment tool

  • Proposed new policy, operations, and activities tied to specific timelines and milestones

  • Immediate and intermediate- term resources required

  • Changes to current procedures and likely implications of these changes

  • Key performance and success indicators

  • Reward and incentive program requirements

  • A proposed process for monitoring and assessing success

  • Training and education needs and budget

  • Expected total costs and benefits assessment

Most companies have found that such an implementation plan works best if developed on two levels: a long-term strategic plan (3 “ 5 years ), and a short-term (yearly) plan based on key-date milestones. These plans should be approved and reviewed regularly by senior executives and board members as part of a formal and ongoing risk management process. Once a company self-assessment has been completed and the CERO and his or her team has produced a business case and created a formal implementation plan, a company is in a much better position to move forward with the next important step, choosing internationally accepted social and environmental standards.

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