A PROC SQL view is a PROC SQL query-expression that is given a name and stored for later use. When you use a PROC SQL view in a SAS program, the view derives its data from the data sets (often referred to as tables) or views listed in its FROM clause. The data that is accessed by the view is a subset or superset of the data in its underlying data set(s) or view(s).

A PROC SQL view can read or write data from:

  • DATA step views

  • SAS data files

  • other PROC SQL views

  • SAS/ACCESS views

  • DB2, ORACLE, or other DBMS data.

For complete documentation on how to create and use PROC SQL views, see Base SAS Procedures Guide .

For information on using PROC SQL views created in an earlier release, see Chapter 35, "SAS 9.1 Compatibility with SAS Files From Earlier Releases," on page 587.

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