What You ve Learned

What You've Learned

  • You need sufficient coverage to edit a video. With just a few simple bits, you will have enough to make interesting videos when it's time to edit.

  • Shoot from a finite set of positions to get your videoat least two, and probably three or four. More than that will likely produce too much coverage, the majority of it not useful.

  • Always shoot a wide shot and a medium shot from a given position. If you have time, shoot a close-up too. The medium shot is your primary shot. Make sure you have enough material from each shot.

  • Wide shots need to be longer than close-ups. Think of recording your wide shots and establishing shots for around 15 seconds each. Medium shots and close-ups can be closer to 10 seconds.

  • Look for shot dyadsa shot/reverse shot, a shot/cutaway shot, a shot/establishing shot. These make editing a snap and give your projects a sophisticated look.

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