When you're ready to buy a new computer, consider several important things. The reputation of the company that manufactured the computer or assembled it from parts is crucial, and remember that the speed and performance of the CPU you need depends on the way you plan to use the computer. Also, the amount of RAM, the capacity of the hard drive, and the performance of the graphics controller are all integral to making your computer work the way you need it to. Don't forget about your preferences for monitor screen size and image quality, as well as the quality of the speakers. And if it's a desktop computer, decide whether you want a tower or a desktop case.

Finally, there are two other very important things to consider when you're choosing a new computer: the length of the warranty and the quality of the service and technical support supplied along with the computer. It's a sad fact that computers are complex machines that don't always work the way you expect. Just about everybody needs some kind of help setting up the system or using some of its features and options. When a component fails to work properly, it's essential to know that you can get the thing fixed or replaced.

PC User's Bible
PC Users Bible
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Year: 2007
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