Server Disk Management in a Windows Environment

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Drew Robb


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 Robb, Drew.   Server disk management in a Windows environment / Drew Robb.      p. cm.   Includes bibliographical references and index. 

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1. Hard disk management. 2. Client/server computing. 3. Microsoft Windows (Computer file) I. Title.

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About the Author

Born in Scotland, Drew Robb graduated from Glasgow's Strathclyde University majoring in Geology and Geography. Since then, his publishing credits include editing a national magazine in Scotland, an international business newsletter, and numerous technical and training documents. Since 1997, he has focused on magazine articles in the engineering and technology fields. During that time, he published hundreds of articles for such publications as Information Week, ComputerWorld, Network World, Power Engineering, Writer's Digest, and a host of others. He now lives with his wife and two sons in Los Angeles, California.

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Server Disk Management in a Windows Enviornment
Server Disk Management in a Windows Enviornment
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