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Knoppix Hacks
By Kyle  Rankin
Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : October 2004
ISBN : 0-596-00787-6
Pages : 280

        The Past
        The Present
        The Future
        The Book
        About the Author
        Why Knoppix Hacks?
        How to Use This Book
        How This Book Is Organized
        Conventions Used in This Book
        Using Code Examples
        How to Contact Us
        Got a Hack?
      Chapter 1.   Boot Knoppix
        Introduction: Hacks #1-9
        Hack  1.   Boot Knoppix on a Desktop
        Hack  2.   Get Knoppix
        Hack  3.   Use Knoppix Cheat Codes
        Hack  4.   Speak Different Languages
        Hack  5.   Free Your CD to Make Knoppix Run Faster
        Hack  6.   Straighten Out Your X Settings
        Hack  7.   Use Advanced Knoppix Cheat Codes
        Hack  8.   Run Knoppix on a Laptop
        Hack  9.   Explore Expert Mode
      Chapter 2.   Use Your Knoppix Desktop
        Introduction: Hacks #10-20
        Hack  10.   Explore the Desktop
        Hack  11.   Customize the Desktop Look
        Hack  12.   Get Office Work Done
        Hack  13.   Configure Your Printer
        Hack  14.   Use Peripheral Devices
        Hack  15.   Have Fun and Play Some Games
        Hack  16.   Rock Out with Knoppix Multimedia
        Hack  17.   Connect to the Internet
        Hack  18.   Connect to the Internet with GPRS Bluetooth
        Hack  19.   Explore the Internet
        Hack  20.   Get Help
      Chapter 3.   Tweak Your Desktop
        Introduction: Hacks #21-31
        Hack  21.   Create Persistent Knoppix Settings
        Hack  22.   Use Your Linux Desktop Settings
        Hack  23.   Use Your Windows Desktop Settings
        Hack  24.   Make a Kiosk
        Hack  25.   Network Boot Knoppix
        Hack  26.   Develop Applications
        Hack  27.   Use the Knoppix Live Installer
        Hack  28.   Install Nvidia 3D Drivers
        Hack  29.   Live Install Your Own Programs
        Hack  30.   Point-and-Klik to Install Applications
        Hack  31.   Create Your Own Klik Recipe
      Chapter 4.   Install Linux with Knoppix
        Introduction: Hacks #32-36
        Hack  32.   Explore the Knoppix Installer
        Hack  33.   Install Knoppix as a Single-Boot System
        Hack  34.   Install Knoppix on a Multiboot System
        Hack  35.   Convert Knoppix to Debian Unstable
        Hack  36.   Install Gentoo with Knoppix
      Chapter 5.   Put Knoppix in Your Toolbox
        Introduction: Hacks #37-51
        Hack  37.   Run Remote Desktops
        Hack  38.   Run X Remotely with FreeNX
        Hack  39.   Browse Windows Shares
        Hack  40.   Create an Emergency Router
        Hack  41.   Create an Emergency File Server
        Hack  42.   Create an Emergency Web Server
        Hack  43.   Run Other Emergency Services
        Hack  44.   Wardrive with Knoppix
        Hack  45.   Audit Network Security
        Hack  46.   Check for Root Kits
        Hack  47.   Collect Forensics Data
        Hack  48.   Clone Hard Drives
        Hack  49.   Wipe a Hard Drive
        Hack  50.   Test Hardware Compatibility
        Hack  51.   Copy Settings to Other Distributions
      Chapter 6.   Repair Linux
        Introduction: #52-70
        Hack  52.   Repair Lilo
        Hack  53.   Repair Grub
        Hack  54.   Kill and Resurrect the Master Boot Record
        Hack  55.   Find Lost Partitions
        Hack  56.   Resize Linux Partitions
        Hack  57.   Repair Damaged Filesystems
        Hack  58.   Recover Deleted Files
        Hack  59.   Rescue Files from Damaged Hard Drives
        Hack  60.   Backup and Restore
        Hack  61.   Migrate to a New Hard Drive
        Hack  62.   Create Linux Software RAID
        Hack  63.   Migrate to Software RAID
        Hack  64.   Migrate Software RAID 1 to RAID 5
        Hack  65.   Add an Extra Drive to a Software RAID 5 Array
        Hack  66.   Reset Linux Passwords
        Hack  67.   Fix Broken Init Services
        Hack  68.   Repair Debian Packages
        Hack  69.   Repair RPM Packages
        Hack  70.   Copy a Working Kernel
      Chapter 7.   Rescue Windows
        Introduction: Hacks #71-79
        Hack  71.   Fix the Windows Boot Selector
        Hack  72.   Back Up Files and Settings
        Hack  73.   Write to NTFS
        Hack  74.   Resize Windows Partitions
        Hack  75.   Reset Lost NT Passwords
        Hack  76.   Edit the Windows Registry
        Hack  77.   Restore Corrupted System Files
        Hack  78.   Scan for Viruses
        Hack  79.   Download Windows Patches Securely
      Chapter 8.   Knoppix Reloaded
        Introduction: Hacks #80-93
        Hack  80.   Master Morphix
        Hack  81.   Gnoppix Gnome Gnirvana
        Hack  82.   Pump Up the Volume with Mediainlinux
        Hack  83.   Educate Yourself with Freeduc
        Hack  84.   Damn Small Linux
        Hack  85.   INSERT Security Here
        Hack  86.   Download Local Area Security
        Hack  87.   Full Protection with Knoppix-STD
        Hack  88.   Distribute Compiles with distccKNOPPIX
        Hack  89.   Distribute the Load with ClusterKnoppix
        Hack  90.   Analyze Quantian
        Hack  91.   Find GIS Knoppix on the Map
        Hack  92.   TiVo Your Computer
        Hack  93.   Contribute to Knoppix
      Chapter 9.   Knoppix Remastered
        Introduction: Hacks #94-100
        Hack  94.   Create a Customized Knoppix
        Hack  95.   Trim the Fat
        Hack  96.   Personalize Knoppix
        Hack  97.   Keep Your Custom Disc Up to Date
        Hack  98.   Automate Knoppix Remastering
        Hack  99.   Morph Morphix
        Hack  100.   Auto-Build Morphix Modules MapLab tutorial map
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