Other Customization Tips and Tricks

The following sections describe a few other quick and easy things you can do to customize the way the GroupWise 7 client behaves. We hope you will find these suggestions helpful.

Change Attachment Window View

You can modify the way attachments are viewed in the Attachment window. To set the Attachment view option, open a message and then right-click in the Attachment window. Select the View option and then choose to view the attachments as large or small icons in List or Detail view. When you choose a view, the GroupWise client will remember the setting as you work with attachments in other messages.

View the Mailbox as a Checklist

You can view your mailbox in the checklist format. This allows you to drag items to the top of your item list, where they can be easily accessed or act as a reminder for you to follow up on the item. To enable this, right-click your mailbox and select Properties. Under the View By drop-down list on the Display tab, select Checklist. Click OK and save the change. At the top of your mailbox, you will now see a line item that says to "Drag items here to add them to the checklist." You can now drag email up to this area, and an arrow will appear representing where the checklist item will be placed. Figure 11.29 displays the Mailbox folder being viewed as a checklist.

Figure 11.29. Viewing your mailbox as a checklist.

Control From, To, CC, and BC Layout

You can control how the From, To, CC, and BC fields are displayed when reading mail or through the QuickViewer. By right-clicking inside the header bar when reading messages, you can choose from the options Show Multiple Recipients, Separate TO/CC/BC, or Align Colons. Figure 11.30 displays this QuickMenu. If you uncheck the option Separate To/CC/BC, the To, CC, and BC fields will all be displayed on the same horizontal line, which decreases the size of the header information.

Figure 11.30. Customizing options for the QuickViewer and item read headers.

Customize Calendar Background Colors

You can change the background colors in the calendar. To do this, open the calendar and then right-click anywhere in the appointments, tasks, notes, or all-day events sections. Select the Background Color option. From here, you can change the background color for all-day events, appointments, reminder notes, and tasks. You can also disable any background colors so all calendar items are displayed on a white background. Another setting in the Background Color Settings is the option to remove the lines separating items in the Notes and Tasks windows.

Creating Find Results Folders

You can create folders that perform dynamic searches for any item type you want. This capability is helpful if you want to be able to click on a folder and have it dynamically locate all messages from or to a certain person, or that have a particular word in the email, or that exist in a particular category. To create Find Results folders, simply right-click on any of your existing folders or on the Cabinet, and select the New Folder option. From here, you can specify a Find Results folder, and either choose from a list of predefined Find Results folders or create your own custom Find Results folder. Give the folder a name, and then define what you want to query when you select the folder.

Using Rules to Categorize Messages

Using the GroupWise 7 client, you can create a rule that automatically categorizes messages that meet certain criteria. This capability may be helpful if you want to apply a category to all specific messages you receive on a certain topic or from a certain user. To do this, create a new rule (Tools, Rules), and in the Action option, you can select Categorize. You can then select from any of your defined categories, and any matches to the rule will automatically be categorized for you. You can also create new categories from this interface making. Remember that the GroupWise rule processing engine is not dependent on the GroupWise client running and is handled by the GroupWise server.

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