Best Practices

  • Take into consideration your current business processes when customizing WSS project sites.

  • Use top-level sites for creating sites not related to a specific project. Use this site for team collaboration outside regular project work or for ongoing communication.

  • Modify predefined WSS lists to provide meaningful fields for your project.

  • Use WSS to improve project team collaboration, information management, and communication methods.

  • Create a new IIS Virtual Root folder for your PWA instance and modify the copied pages in that folder, not the standard pages in the original folder.

  • Remember to add entries for your custom feature actions to the MSP_WEB_SECURITY_ORG_PERMISSIONS table so that users will have access.

  • Avoid assigning macros not saved in the Global template to toolbar buttons.

  • Take advantage of the Immediate window; test your functions there first if possible.

  • Don't lower you macro security below high.

  • Don't require your users to lower their macro security to run your code; always digitally sign it instead and require them to trust your certificate.

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