First, I'd like to thank a number of people at Sams for their efforts. In particular, I'd like to thank Neil Rowe, Kevin Howard, Kitty Jarrett, George Nedeff, Jeff Allen, and Elizabeth Finney. Their efforts have added immeasurably to the final product.

Others who have helped along the way are Katie Purdum, John Purdum, Kuber Maharjan, Nancy Head, and my students who have endured far too many teaching experiments. I'd also like to mention Jay Crannell, Don Dudine, Phil Engle, Doug Felkins, Jim Hallett, Bill Jones, Mark Keenan, Jim McAllister, Bob McFarling, John Marsh, Jeff Neely, Jeff Nelson, Steve Plopper, Larry Powers, Jim Rheude, Bill Shaw, Mike Shore, Jim Spuller, and John Strack who, in thinly veiled attempts to make me miss a putt, constantly asked, "Is that book done yet?" Particularly effective was John Wilson, whose swing defies every known law of physics.

And, in saving the best for last, a special note of thanks and appreciation to Joyce Scarfo, who has been involved in this work from the start and provided loving support every step of the way. From endless readings and corrections of the manuscript to warm encouragement, you and your efforts are sincerely appreciated. I couldn't have done it without you.

Jack Purdum, Ph.D.

Department of Computer Technology, Purdue University

December 22, 2002

Visual Basic .NET. Primer Plus
Visual Basic .NET Primer Plus
ISBN: 0672324857
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 238
Authors: Jack Purdum

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