Chapter 3. Naming Your Servlets


Recipe  3.1.   Mapping a Servlet to a Name in web.xml

Recipe  3.2.   Creating More Than One Mapping to a Servlet

Recipe  3.3.   Creating a JSP-Type URL for a Servlet

Recipe  3.4.   Mapping Static Content to a Servlet

Recipe  3.5.   Invoking a Servlet Without a web.xml Mapping

Recipe  3.6.   Mapping All Requests Within a Web Application to a Servlet

Recipe  3.7.   Mapping Requests to a Controller and Preserving Servlet Mappings

Recipe  3.8.   Creating Welcome Files for a Web Application

Recipe  3.9.   Restricting Requests for Certain Servlets

Recipe  3.10.   Giving Only the Controller Access to Certain Servlets

Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook
Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook
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