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Search Engine Marketing, Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company's Web Site
By Mike Moran, Bill Hunt
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date: July 21, 2005
ISBN: 0-13-185292-2
Pages: 592

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   Praise for Search Engine Marketing, Inc.
   IBM Press
      On Demand Computing Books
      WebSphere Books
      More Books from IBM Press
      DB2® Books
   Acknowledgments from Mike
   Acknowledgments from Bill
   About the Authors
      About Mike Moran
      About Bill Hunt
   Part 1.  The Basics of Search Marketing
         Chapter 1.  Why Search Marketing Is Important … and Difficult
      Web Search Basics
      Search and Your Marketing Mix
      The Challenge of Search Success
         Chapter 2.  How Search Engines Work
      Matching the Search Query
      Ranking the Matches
      Displaying Search Results
      Finding Web Pages for the Organic Index
      Analyzing the Content
      Building the Organic Index
      Search Relationships
         Chapter 3.  How Search Marketing Works
      Organic Search
      Directory Listings
      Paid Placement
         Chapter 4.  How Searchers Work
      Visitor Behavior
      The Searcher's Intent
      The Searcher's Click
      The Searcher's Follow-Through
   Part 2.  Develop Your Search Marketing Program
         Chapter 5.  Identify Your Web Site's Goals
      Web Sales
      Offline Sales
      Market Awareness
      Information and Entertainment
         Chapter 6.  Measure Your Web Site's Success
      Count Your Conversions
      Count Your Traffic
      Count Your Money
         Chapter 7.  Measure Your Search Marketing Success
      Target Your First Search Marketing Campaign
      Assess Your Current Situation
      Calculate Your First Campaign's Opportunity
         Chapter 8.  Define Your Search Marketing Strategy
      Choose the Scope of Your Search Marketing Program
      Divide the Search Marketing Work
      Choose Your Search Marketing Approach
      Project Your Search Marketing Costs
         Chapter 9.  Sell Your Search Marketing Proposal
      Assemble Your Search Marketing Proposal
      Sell Your Proposal to the Extended Search Team
      Sell Your Proposal to Executives
   Part 3.  Execute Your Search Marketing Program
         Chapter 10.  Get Your Site Indexed
      What If Your Site Is Not Indexed?
      How Many Pages on Your Site Are Indexed?
      How Can More Pages from Your Site Be Indexed?
         Chapter 11.  Choose Your Target Keywords
      The Value of Keyword Planning
      Your Keyword Planning Philosophy
      Step-by-Step Keyword Planning
         Chapter 12.  Optimize Your Content
      What Search Engines Look For
      The Philosophy of Writing for Search
      Step-by-Step Optimization for Search Landing Pages
         Chapter 13.  Attract Links to Your Site
      Why Search Engines Value Links
      Your Linking Philosophy
      Step-by-Step Link Building for Your Site
         Chapter 14.  Optimize Your Paid Search Program
      Paid Search Opportunities
      Your Paid Search Philosophy
      Step-by-Step Paid Search Optimization
         Chapter 15.  Make Search Marketing Operational
      Set Up Your Central Search Team
      Establish Search Marketing Best Practices
      Track Search Marketing Success
         Chapter 16.  What's Next?
      What's Next for Search Marketing?
      What's Next for You?

Search Engine Marketing, Inc. Driving Search Traffic to Your Company's Web Site
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