Using Account Numbers

QuickBooks automatically assigns account numbers to your standard list of accounts. (These numbers aren't displayed initially.) You can accept these numbers or change them. When you add accounts, you can assign any number you want. Your account numbers can be up to seven characters long and can contain a combination of letters and numbers.

Turn on account numbering by selecting Edit, Preferences, and selecting Accounting in the Preferences window.

Click the Company Preferences tab, and then check the Use Account Numbers option to make account numbering available for your company.

Click OK to save this change.

View account numbers by pressing Ctrl+A to open the Chart of Accounts window.

Add or change an account number by clicking the account name, and then pressing Ctrl+E to edit the account.


Or you can click the account name, click the Account button at the bottom of the Chart of Accounts window, and select Edit Account from the menu.

Enter the account number for this account.

Click OK to save the new account number.

See Also

See "Preparing a Trial Balance" on page 372 for information on displaying account numbers on reports.

Did You Know?

Your financial statements are ordered by type of account and then in account number order. When you assign account numbers, those numbers are treated as if they are a part of the account name, and any financial statements that appear in account name order are ordered chronologically by account number. Keep this in mind when selecting account numbers for your accounts so the accounts on your financial statements will be ordered correctly.

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