Basic Report Rules

Here are some basic report rules. Even though each type of report has certain features unique to it, some rules apply to every report. These rules are listed here so they don't have to be repeated with the description of each report that appears in this chapter:

  • Click the Print button at the top of the report to print a paper copy of it.

  • Press Esc to close any report.

  • Double-click an amount to drill down to the original document supporting that amount. Your mouse pointer appears like a Z (for zoom) in a magnifying glass when this drill-down capability exists.

  • Drag the little diamond at the right of a column title to resize the column.

  • Click the Hide Header button to hide the screen display of a header and thus display more of the report. Hiding the header does not affect the print version of the reportthe header still appears there. After a header is hidden, click Show Header to redisplay the header on the screen.

  • Click the Collapse button to collapse the display of subaccounts and show only parent accounts on a report. Click the Expand button to redisplay subaccounts.

  • Press Ctrl+M to memorize a report you have customized. See Chapter 7, "Using Time-Saving Features," for more information on the QuickBooks memorization feature.

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