Chapter 18. Making the Game

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Chapter 18. Making the Game

The previous seven chapters were concerned with coding the C++ core of the BetterMUD. In Chapter 11, I told you about how the C++ core is the physical part of the gamehow the core manages entities, how entities move around, and how entities are saved to disk.

So far, you've got thousands of lines of code, but no game! The problem with designing a system like the BetterMUD is that you can't put it together in bits and piecesat least not at first. Once the physical game core is up and running, however, you can go nuts and start adding scripts left and right.

This chapter is designed primarily to show you how to create basic scripts to make your physical engine into an actual game. I'm not going to go bananas with scripts; in fact the version of the BetterMUD that will be on the CD is going to be just a tiny bit more advanced than the SimpleMUD.

However, with all of the flexibility of the BetterMUD at your fingertips, you can immediately start playing around with scripts.

I would like to invite you again to join my own MUD server at and play around (if I change servers, you can find out about it on my website, I'll be continuously adding scripts and updates, so if you're interested in seeing some of the really cool things that can be done, I'll have my own scripts available to download.

In this chapter, you will learn to create:

  • A login script to manage new characters

  • A base Python script class for your modules to use

  • Command scripts

  • Logic scripts

  • A script to refuse taking dangerous items

  • A script to manage encumbrance

  • A script to manage arming weapons

  • A script to manage currency and merchants

  • A script to perform combat between characters

  • AI scripts for non-player characters

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