2.4 References

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The example crackmes from this chapter are at http://www.securitywarrior.com. Due to their controversial nature, some of the references in this book have volatile URLs. Whenever possible, we list the updated links at http://www.securitywarrior.com.

  • Windows Internet Security: Protecting Your Critical Data , by Seth Fogie and Cyrus Peikari. Prentice Hall, 2001.

  • ".NET Server Security: Architecture and Policy Vulnerabilities." Paper presented at Defcon 10, August 2002.

  • "PE header Format." Iczelion's Win32 Assembly Homepage. (http://win32asm.cjb.net )

  • "Mankind comes into the Ice Age." Mammon_'s Tales to his Grandson .

  • "An IDA Primer." Mammon_'s Tales to Fravia's Grandson .

  • SoftICE breakpoints. (http://www.anticrack.de)

  • "WoRKiNG WiTH UCF's ProcDump32," by Hades.

  • Win32 Assembly Tutorial . Copyright 2000 by Exagone. (http://exagone.cjb.net)

  • SubSeven official site. (http://www.subseven.ws)

  • "Reversing a Trojan: Part I," by the Defiler. Published by +Tsehp.

  • Muad'dib's Crackme, published by +Tsehp.

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