Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 21 Days, Second Edition
By Chris Payne
Table of Contents
Day 10.  Communicating with ADO.NET

Today was another long day, but you learned a great deal. You're becoming familiar with database-driven ASP.NET applications now, and you should be comfortable using data binding and list controls. You've rapidly progressed from beginner to an advanced-intermediate level.

Today you examined ADO.NET and its fundamentals. ADO.NET consists of two main components: the DataSet and managed providers. You spent yesterday examining the DataSet, and today you learned a bit more about the technical aspects of its data model, including RowState and concurrency. You also explored the OLE DB managed provider and its various objects, including the OleDbCommand and OleDbDataAdapter objects, which provide tremendous functionality for interacting with databases.

The OleDbDataReader is a lightweight cousin of the DataSet and is useful for high-performance applications. However, the DataSet provides more functionality. Generally, if you simply want to display data, use an OleDbDataReader.

Finally, you combined all the aspects of ADO.NET and ASP.NET to produce a full-service, data-driven application. Putting it all together was a very useful exercise and showed you the additional considerations that come into play when you're developing an entire application.

Tomorrow, you're going to open up XML and figure out how it can be used with ASP.NET. XML will allow you to develop a truly distributed application, which is essential for developing Web Services.


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