Image Adjustment Commands

Color Balance


Menu: Image Adjustments Color Balance

Mac: Cmd + B

Win: Ctrl + B

Color Balance with Last-Used Settings


Mac: Cmd + Option + B

Win: Ctrl + Alt + B

Auto Contrast


Menu: Image Adjustments Auto Contrast

Mac: Cmd + Option + Shift + L

Win: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L

Auto Color


Menu: Image Adjustments Auto Color

Mac: Cmd + Option + Shift + B

Win: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + B

Desaturate Image


Menu: Image Adjustments Desaturate

Mac: Cmd + Shift + U

Win: Ctrl + Shift + U



Menu: Image Adjustments Invert

Mac: Cmd + I

Win: Ctrl + I

See Original While in an Adjust Dialog Box


Mouse: Press dialog box title bar with Preview off

This shortcut allows you to quickly compare the original image with the adjusted image, while still in any of the Image Adjustments dialog boxes (Levels, Curves, Color Balance, Hue/Saturation, and so on). However, as you make adjustments in the dialog box, the entire monitor gets adjusted, not just the image window.

In versions before Photoshop 6, this feature works only when you have Video LUT Animation turned on in your Display & Cursors Preferences, and when the Preview check box is turned off in the Levels dialog box. Also, an additional note for Windows users: This feature works only if your video card supports Video LUT Animation.

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